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Mount Beauty, Mountain Biking & Cycling

Mountain Biking

Big Hill Mountain Bike Park
Big Hill is a mountain looming over Mount Beauty. The ride features a very steep technical descent on the downhill race course & is suitable only for riders with advanced off-road bicycle handling skills. Most riders will enjoy the technical challenge and there are great views to take in on the climb up. For those seeking a great view over the Kiewa valley turn right off the Bogong High Plains Rd 5.5kms out of Mt Beauty, and follow the dirt road for 8kms to Big Hill lookout.

Survey Track
This ride has no steep uphills, however there is a great downhill back into Mount Beauty. A classic rollercoaster singletrack with nice views beginning in Mount Beauty township and skirting a ridgeside to a hairpin turn on the Bogong High Plains Road called "Cranky Charlie". Several options are available for the return, including a few singletrack options. If you can do only one ride in Mount Beauty, this is probably the one to do. 9.2km

Mount Beauty Hill Loop
Beginning and ending in Mount Beauty, this ride climbs steeply onto the Mount Beauty hillside using a variety of fire tracks (Pole Track, Reservoir Track) and offering great views of the township and surrounding countryside. For an additional viewpoint, take the short Tower No. 33 Track at the 5.1 km mark. The ride continues on the West Kiewa Power Station Road to the Cranky Charlie hairpin where it joins the Survey Track. This ride offers the maximum views in the shortest distance.

Mount Beauty, Mountain Biking & Cycling

Easy Rides for all Ages

Pondage Loop
A 3km loop, on a sealed, flat track. The loop is clearly sign posted. Start from the Lakeside picnic and playground area and walk north towards Embankment Drive following the path around the pondage wall. Follow the track over the spillway and continue along over the Tail Race Channel bridge and you will be behind the Secondary College, the tennis courts, the Primary School, past the oval and back to where you started. A pleasant ride with lovely views in all directions.

Mount Beauty River Ride
4km of clearly sign posted, flat sealed track. The ride starts at the commencement of Embankment Drive off the Bogong High Plains Road at the entrance to Mount Beauty. This sealed track crosses the Pondage spillway and then meanders along the west branch of the Kiewa River all the way to Pebble Beach.

Enjoy lovely views across the farmlands and towards Mount Bogong with the track perfect for riding or walking. For good swimmers, there is a long deep pool at the turn around point.

Road Cycling

Victoria’s North East is a road-riding paradise! Breathtaking scenery, quiet country roads, alpine ascents, happy-to-help locals and an action-packed events calendar. With such a wide range of riding options, this part of the world is THE ideal holiday destination for avid road cyclists.

Enjoy the mountains in summer where the air is so much cooler and soak up the sun’s warmth during blue sky days in winter. Every ride you choose will reward you with buckets-full of crisp clean air, long-reaching vistas, challenge (in just the right proportions) and best of all, the chance to really experience why the locals who ride choose to call this part of the world home. They will share their secrets with enthusiasm, and invite you to experience their treats with open arms, making you an honorary part of their world within days of arriving- up-scaling your cycling experience to one that is truly unforgettable!

To cap it all off, a road riding escapade to the North East will satisfy your craving for hearty, wholesome food, with gorgeous cafeswineries and restaurants along most routes and in every town. With over 270 operators tipping their cap to you, the cyclist, you can be sure they will entice you to come back for more… and there is always more!

Visit the Mount Beauty Visitor Information Centre and pick up a road cycling map or download it here. The rides outlined on the map are:

Mongan’s Bridge Out and Back 40km
The Mount Cope Ride (Falls Creek) 22km
Bucketty Plain (Falls Creek) 42km return
Gundowring Out and Back 78km
Falls Creek 64km
3 Peaks Challenge 234km