With some of the tallest mountains in Australia, the High Country is renowned for its challenging road cycling climbs. The famed 7 Peaks ascent from Mount Beauty to Falls Creek is both visually alluring and physically rewarding. But it's not just the elevation that cyclist love about this region; the sprints up and down the Kiewa Valley in the foothills of Mount Bogong are just as beautiful and make idyllic recovery rides.


Tawonga Gap Ride

A fun climb from Mount Beauty up Tawonga Gap Road, past Sullivans Lookout to Tawonga Gap Lookout. Want to push it further? Ride down the other side to Bright and back again.

7 Peaks Falls Creek

Test your endurance on this epic 7 Peaks climb from Mount Beauty to Falls Creek. The descent will be enough to make you want to do it all over again. This route should not be attempted during the snow season.

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1. Follow the Victorian Road Rules.
2. Always wear a helmet.
3. Indicate when turning, stopping or changing lanes.
4. Be seen and use bicycle lights.
5. Give way at lights, intersections and crossings in the same way you would driving a vehicle.
6. Keep to the left of the road.
7. Stay within 1.5m of each other when riding two abreast. Be considerate of vehicles on narrow roads.
8. Be alert and don't ride fatigued.
9. Secure mobiles in a holder or store away. By law, phones can't be held in your hand while cycling.
10. Carry identification.


Dining on the verandah


Fresh local ingredients, acclaimed chefs and stunning views. Here's where to dine out in Mount Beauty and its beautiful surrounds.

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