Whether its camping out close to Mount Beauty, its rivers and its amenities, or headings up to the cool refreshing air and wide-open spaces of the Alpine National Park, a camping trip in the High Country is always a memorable experience.


Mongans Bridge Caravan Park

42 Bay Creek Road, Mongans Bridge
03 5754 5226 | Website

The Park, Mount Beauty

216-222 Kiewa Valley Hwy, Tawonga South
03 57 54 4396 | Website

Tawonga Caravan Park

117 Mountain Creek Road, Tawonga
03 5754 4428 | (Closed. Reopening Spring 2022)

Mount Beauty, Touring & 4WD


Bright and Surrounds Camping
Survey Track / Pole Track


The Alpine National Park has a number of campgrounds in the vicinity of Mount Bogong and the Bogong High Plains near Falls Creek. All sites cater to tent camping and small caravans. They have pit toilets and access to untreated water. Please note, the sites on the Bogong High Plains are closed during the snow season.

Mountain Creek Camping Area
Langford West Camping Area
Raspberry Hill Camping Area
Buckety Plain Camping Area
Pretty Valley Camping Area


  1. Respect nature, after all, that's why you're here.
  2. Take your rubbish with you when you leave.
  3. Pitch your tent at least 20m from a water source.
  4. Do not cut down or destroy trees for firewood.
  5. Fires are only permitted if it is not a Total Fire Ban.
  6. Put campfires out with water when you leave.
  7. If toilet amenities are not available, dig a hole at least 100m from any water source and burry toilet waste at least 15cm deep.
  8. Avoid camping under large trees.
  9. Do not take dogs or other pets into a National Park.
  10. Respect others in the area by keeping noise down.
Mount Beauty, Touring & 4WD


Our region is sensitive to human presence. We are privileged to be home to a number of endangered species, including platypus, mountain pygmy possums and alpine dingoes, as well as other rare flora and fauna.

Your behaviour has a direct impact on nature. A simple hair elastic can kill or injure a platypus, and other animals may suffer ill health from food waste and rubbish. Unattended camp fires have the ability to destroy our bushland and our homes. When entering our beautiful natural environment, always remember, take out what you bring in and leave no trace.

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