The Kiewa River provides some of the best trout fishing in Australia, and it's little wonder, with its pristine mountain water and reliable flow. The east and west branches of the Kiewa River meander down from the alpine peaks surrounding Mount Beauty, merging just north of the town. Take a wander and find your little piece of quiet on a fly fishing adventure, or relax on the bank by a scenic lake.


Fisherman's Walk, Tawonga

Fish for trout and redfin on the 500m Fisherman's Walk, which runs south along the Kiewa River from Ryders Bridge on Mountain Creek Road, Tawonga. The spot has good river access, picnic tables, a fire BBQ and is easy to get to in a 2WD.

Bay Creek Road, Mongans Bridge

There is good access to the Kiewa River near the intersection of Bay Creek Lane and Redbank Mongans Road in Mongans Bridge and the nearby caravan park makes it a convenient place to stay and fish for trout.

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Briggs Bridge, Tawonga

Briggs Bridge on Redbank Mongans Road, Tawonga, provides good access to the Kiewa River. There are no facilities at this location.

Kiewa River Trail, Mount Beauty

There is good access to the west branch of the Kiewa River along the Kiewa River Trail. The trail is a pleasant sealed shared path that runs north from Embankment Drive for almost 3km. There is a popular swimming spot called Pebble Beach along the way.


River fishing for trout and salmon during the breeding season is restricted to allow the fish to repopulate. The closure comes into effect on the Queens Birthday weekend at the start of June each year and remains in place until the first weekend in September.

During this time, anglers can still fish for trout and salmon in Victorian lakes and reservoirs, which remain open year round. More information about closures is available from the Victorian Fisheries Authority.


To fish in public waters in Victoria, you'll need to purchase a Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) online from the Victorian Fisheries Authority. Licences start at $10 for three days and cover all forms of recreational fishing in all of Victoria's marine, estuarine and freshwaters. A fishing licence is required for anyone aged between 18 and 70.

You'll also need to familiarise yourself with the catch size and bag limits for the fish you are catching. Find out more in the official Recreational Fishing Guide.

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The Pondage, Mount Beauty

The Mount Beauty Pondage is a popular fishing spot stocked with brown trout, weighing up to 2.5kg, as well as redfin and rainbow trout. The wall along the spillway is particularly good for bank fishing. Other access points are via Lakeside Avenue or Embankment Drive.

Located in the town – and with picnic, BBQ, playground, skate park and toilet facilities at Bicentennial Park – The Pondage is a convenient place to fish with young children.

Lake Guy, Bogong Village

Lake Guy is a beautiful spot to fish for brown trout of up to 2.5kg in size. The lake has picnic tables, BBQ and toilet facilities and good water access with a moderately sloped bank. The site can be reached by 2WD.

Pretty Valley Pondage, Falls Creek

The Pretty Valley Storage Pond has brown trout up to 1.4kg. It is accessible by dirt track and is best fished in summer as the lake freezes in winter. The nearby Rocky Valley Storage Pond can also be fished, but contains predominantly small fish.

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Mount Beauty Hardware & Drapery on Hollonds Street has fishing gear and is a registered VFA Fishing Licence provider.

Rocky Valley Bikes & Snowsports stocks a range of fishing gear and bait as well as outdoor gear.


An experienced guide can help you find the best fishing locations or teach you to fly fish. Take a look at:


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Fisherman’s Walk

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Lake Guy, Bogong Village

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