Reformer and Mat Pilates Classes 

225 Kiewa Valley Highway Tawonga South Victoria

Reformer Pilates is an ideal full body workout for anybody, It is low impact movements and customisable springs make it the perfect place to start your exercise journey or to complement and energise your existing training routine.

The reformer accommodates full-range motion, stability challenges and resistance against the springs to increase flexibility, balance and strength of your entire body.

Beginners to Advanced, Private, Small group and Fitness reformer classes on offer.

Pilates can help to;

- Ease back and neck pain;
- Rebuild strength after surgery or illness;
- Improve flexibility, balance and posture;
- Building Strength into muscle groups important for pregnancy and postpartum
- Enhance strength and fitness to compliment running, biking, skiing and other sports
- Reduce the negative impact of chronic conditions such as Arthritis, Diabetes and ageing.

The studio is located in a cute little space out the back of Lilli Pilli Cafe in Tawonga South.


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