Wineries & Breweries

Mount Beauty, Wineries & Breweries


The long, moderate growing conditions produce high quality grapes with intense fruit flavours and natural acidity, the perfect cool-climate wine.

Following a trail of friendly cellar doors, visitors can experience the rich velvety reds, crisp elegant whites and sensational sparkling wines grown and made in these pristine mountain valleys...

Wineries in Mount Beauty & Surrounds include:

Annapurna Estate
217 Simmonds Creek Rd, Tawonga South
03 5754 1356
(functions only)

Bogong Estate
383 Damms Rd, Tawonga
03 5754 4347

Ceccanti Kiewa Valley Wine
285 Bay Creek Ln, Mongans Bridge
03 5754 5236

Mount Beauty, Wineries & Breweries

Sweetwater Brewery

At Sweetwater Brewing Company they are a true craft brewery, brewing all of their beers themselves in their own microbrewery. The brewery is located at the base of Mount Bogong, the highest mountain in Victoria and the spiritual heart of the Victorian High Country. The brewery incorporates a Beer Hall inspired bar area with magnificent views to the summit of Mount Bogong where our beers can be enjoyed fresh from the brewery. The Brewery has great outdoor seating for that beer in the sun.

Victoria's High Country Brewery Tail

Extending from the river to the mountains, Victoria’s High Country Brewery Trail weaves a scenic path to some truly lip- smacking hand-crafted beers. Each of the four breweries exudes its own personality and style, just like each of their brews. Taste the difference in our local craft beers, made with passion, the best ingredients, and the pristine waters of Victoria’s High Country. See close up where the beers are brewed, and learn what goes into crafting a unique beer. You might even learn a secret or two from talking to the brewers themselves. For more details about Victoria's High Country Brewery Trail click here.

Sweetwater Brewery
211 Kiewa Valley Hwy, Tawonga South
03 5754 1881

Bright Brewery
121 Great Alpine Rd, Bright
03 5755 1301

Bridge Road Brewers
Old Couch House, Ford St, Beechworth
03 5728 2703

Black Dog Brewery
339 Booth Rd, Taminick
03 5766 2282