Alpine National Park

Mount Beauty, Alpine National Park

Victoria's largest National Park, covering 646,000 hectares, is a place to experience the great Australian outdoors in all its magnificent guises...

Mountain peaks covered in snow during winter become amazing places to hike, walk  and camp in spring, summer and autumn. Watch birds, explore historycycle down, fly over, tour around, swim and fish in and observe unique flora and fauna.

Mount Beauty and surrounding villages are great places to stay and partake in day trips to discover the North Eastern sections of the Alpine National Park, including Mount Bogong, Falls Creek and the Bogong High Plains with all of the fantastic walks and activities on offer. If you wanted to immerse yourself in the park and pitch a tent there are designated camping areas equipped with toilets, picnic tables and fireplaces at: Bucketty Plain, Raspberry Hill and Langfords West (complete with horse yards) on the Bogong High plains east of Falls Creek, and Mountain Creek camping area, at the foot of Mount Bogong near Tawonga.

Extensive snowfields are the primary winter attraction; the warmer months bring stunning wildflower displays and opportunities for bushwalks, four wheel driving and mountain bike riding.

The park is home to more than 1100 native plant species, 12 of which (including the Bogong daisy bush and silky daisy) are only found here.

Bogong High Plains Walks

Discover the beauty of the Bogong High Plains with the historic huts, snowgums and wildlife on the many walks.

Wallace-Cope Heritage Trail

6km, 2.5hrs return
No bushwalking experience required. Formed track with gentle hills and no steps. Clearly sign posted.
This interpretive trail explores the history of the high plains starting at the Wallace Hut car park. From the car park, walk the short distance to historic Wallace Hut and continue past the hut to the aqueduct. Cross the aqueduct and follow the track to the right, past the Rover Chalet and onto the Australian Alps Walking Track to Cope Hut. Follow the track from Cope Hut toward the Bogong High Plains Road and return to Wallace Hut along a spectacular section of track with fine views toward Mount Kosciousko (2228m), Australia’s highest mountain.

Ropers Lookout

5km, 1.5hours return
No bushwalking experience required. Well-formed track with occasional steps and gentle hills.
The walk starts at the eastern end of the Rocky Valley Storage dam wall, 3km along the Bogong High Plains Road from Falls Creek. Follow the aqueduct for 1.5 km before climbing a small gully among snow gums. Ropers Lookout is a small basalt knoll with excellent views of the Falls Creek Alpine Resort and the Bogong High Plains. Return along the same route.

Mount Bogong Walks

Mount Bogong is the highest peak in Victoria at 1986 metres. The start of the walk to Mount Bogong is only a short 16.5 kilometers from Mount Beauty, making it the perfect base to hike Mount Bogong.

Climbing Mount Bogong is strenuous and a high level of fitness is required. You must also be prepared for sudden unexpected weather changes.


16km, 1 day return
Experienced bushwalkers only. Rough track with many obstacles and many steps that are very steep and difficult. Sign posted.
The track to the summit begins at the Mountain Creek Picnic Area and follows a vehicle track to the foot of the Staircase Spur, where the ascent begins through a forest of Peppermint Gums. Bivouac Hut, about halfway along the climb, offers emergency shelter before the track passes through snow gums and out onto the steep rocky ridge leading to the summit plateau.

The exposed treeless plain of the summit offers little shelter in poor weather. Strong winds, fog, freezing temperatures, rain and snow are all common at this altitude. Navigation can be extremely difficult so turn back at the tree line if conditions are poor or deteriorating.

Eskdale Spur

8km, 6hrs return
Experienced bushwalkers only. Rough, very steep track with many obstacles and occasional steps. Sign posted.
Follow the track up Mountain Creek past the bottom of the Staircase Spur for approximately 5.5 km to Camp Creek Gap. The track climbs steeply up the Eskdale Spur past Michell Hut to the tree line where the track intersects with the Granite Flat Track. Once the shelter of the snow gums is left behind the remainder of the walk is very similar to the exposed rocky ascent of the Staircase onto the summit plateau.

Mount Beauty, Alpine National Park